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Some films are made by independent production companies, not affiliated to universities.

Life of Cardboard was also made by independent companies, but deserves its own special page.

I played a supporting role in the short film 'Citizen Justice' made by a semi-professional group here in Perth.

Post-production took a very long time, but I've just seen a pre-release version. The film will be submitted to a few festivals, so it might be quite a while before I can show you the end product.
My small role is as a Balloon Boy involved in street performing.

Writer/Director: Lincoln Russell from the WA Screen Academy.

Filming on Saturday afternoon, 14 January in the centre of Perth City was great fun.

The film premiered on the night of 15 March 2012 at Northbridge Piazza. A short excerpt showing my appearance can be viewed here.

This short film is about a boy (me) who is very sick. I am helped to recover by a slightly zany character (Brodie Masini) who performs all sorts of fun tricks to brighten my spirits.

Directed by the awesome Ruben Pracas, written and produced by Chae Ryan, assisted by Jess Black, this short film won the People's Choice Award at the Dec 2013 TropFest.

We shot the film at two locations in Fremantle over two days. Thanks to the street-walking extras.

What a great film, Ruben.