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Steve Browne

Dome Sunset


The Panics

Steve, the father of Mia Browne, one of my former school classmates, asked me to play a minor role in my first music video - thanks Steve!

Steve Browne is a graduate of the Film and Television Institute in Fremantle.

He studied under Wayne Nicholson and was Gaffer on LOC.

He is an excellent film-maker and photographer.


I was asked to play a minor role in the music video 'Make Some Noise' for Dome Sunset, a new WA hip hop band. The video is also on YouTube.

Steve used some wonderful imagery to enhance this powerful piece of hip-hop music.

It was a great experience for me, being my first music video role.


I starred in a music video (directed by Steve Browne) for the death metal band Neverborn. My role? Shooting zombies and protecting my best friend, Rebecca.

With Rebecca, we survived the zombiesí attacks and were finally rescued by the band members, before being eaten!

There are some photo stills and very silly comments on the FaceBook page "Neverborn Zombies".

Thanks, band members, especially Jeremy Devereux, for making my weekend totally memorable.

You can now watch the music video, which was launched on 21 January at the Amplifier bar in Perth CBD. I wasn't at the launch, sadly, as it was late and in the middele of a squash tournament.


A group of instructors from Filmbites (including Jessica Hegarty, Hannah Hugessen, Tay Kaka, Zac Drieberg and others) made a music video for The Panics 'Endless Road' competition.

Myself and some of my friends played the roles of office people when they were younger.

Unfortunately, despite receiving lots of praise for the video, our film did not win that competition.