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 Remi Young (actor)


Wayne Nicholson


Wayne Nicholson The Life Of Cardboard Screening of LOC

Wayne Nicholson has been a major influence on my career to date. I can't thank him enough!

He took me on for the role of Young Carl in the promotional film 'The Life Of Cardboard' and also took many of the still photos that are shown here and on my StarNow profile.

Since that time, I have received offers to audition for many other roles.

Wayne has now initiated Nicholsons Academy of Screen Acting (NASA), with his sister Fern, a well-known actor and drama teacher.

At Filmbites one evening during my weekly Short Stuff lesson, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Wayne Nicholson (formerly senior lecturer at the Film and Television Institute in Fremantle; now one of the principals of the Nicholsons Academy of Screen Acting).

Wayne invited me to an audition with himself and one of the producers, Iskandar Sharazuddin (of Ellandar Productions).

They then invited me to take the lead role in a short (8 min) promotional film they were about to make, called 'The Life Of Cardboard'.

The cast included Mia and Eden Browne, several of my friends from Filmbites, and Fern Nicholson.

I loved being on the set with such an experienced director and crew - filming took one long day and another long night.

The resulting film, which is an intro to a series of three longer films to be made in the near future, is surreal and explores the mind of a child with an obsession for the textile cardboard.

Although I have no spoken lines in the promo film, I was able to present myself as Wayne wanted.

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Two posters for LOC


'The Life of Carboard - promo' has been screened at three gatherings of notables in the WA acting and film industry:

- at the launch of Ellandar Productions 'Behind the Wire' in Subiaco

- at the Alex Giles organised Underground Films (Heath Ledger Theatre, Northbridge)

- at Cinema Paradiso during the launch of Planet Raw (an initiative by Darian Bradara and Wayne Nicholson).

- is being featured as 'local film of the month' in November 2011 by Future Shorts Australia.