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 Remi Young (actor)


Television Commercials


Mental Health Bank West Asthma Western Power

dir. Andrew Nowrojee

This, my first TVC, has only been screened in South Australia

It is about making discussion on mental health part of normal life, at home, at work and socially.

I acted with a family consisting of a sister (Amber Scates, from Filmbites) and two adults, Cynthia Fenton and Doug Bennett.

We did the shoot on Monday 12 December in South Fremantle. It was a 6 hour session, with a storm in the background at one point. My film Mum and Dad were really fun to work with.

The TVC has been so well received that the client has decided to extend its lifetime for another year.

The Think Positive advert is now available on YouTube.

dir. Andy Morton

I had a minor part in a TVC made for Bank West.

It was a very chaotic shoot in the full sun and 34ºC, on Wednesday 11 January. We waited 4.5 hours for the film crew to arrive!

I sat with Jayden on a ferris wheel and then played on a bouncy castle.

The Happy Banking advert can be viewed on YouTube. See if you can catch my ‘micro- second’ of screen time!


dir. Shannon Alexander

I was given the role of a soccer/footy playing extra in a TVC on holding back asthma.

Shooting was delayed from Sunday to Monday, meaning that I had to miss school. Then, I had to wait 3 hours before I was on set.

But I was lucky – the girls had to wait 5 hours!

It was a fun day tho, meeting some new friends.

The asthma advert has been showing on free-to-air TV and is available on YouTube.



Wanslea Foster Care
dir. Ruben Pracas

My part in this video commercial for foster care was filmed on the beach at Scarborough beach. Watch for Mum and Dad in the background in the final scene.
Good work, Ruben.


dir. Corrie Jones

Filmed at a house along the Swan River in a simulated summer storm, I played a young boy who went to watch the storm and the fallen power lines. Part of a series called Summer Safety.

It was fun to meet the director of ‘Voices’, Jono Laird, again. He was working as a helper for the art department – moving branches and leaves around, and directing the strong fans used to create the wind effect.

This TVC has been on TV a lot over the Xmas holiday period and has been rolled over again for summer 2014.