Remi Young (actor)




Championships Achievements 2015

I have been playing squash since I was 6 years old, with the help of my parents, Karen and Clive. I play and train at various clubs in Perth, including Terrace, Marmion Midgets, Subi Kings for pennants and Mirrabooka  for in-house.

I am now sponsored by Hi-Tec for rackets, shoes and clothing (thanks to Steve Walton) and by Subi Kings Squash Club (thanks to Carsten Fredricksen) for training and travel. The club is only 10 minutes walk from my high school.

My achievements in Australian and New Zealand junior squash championships are (so far):

WA State 11 YAG 2012 - 3rd

WA State 11 YAG 2013 - winner

WA State U15 2014 - 4th

WA State U15 2015 - runner-up

WA State U13 2014 - winner

WA State U13 2015 - winner

Australian Junior Open U11 2013 - 9th

Australian Junior Open U13 2014 - 7th

Australian Junior Open U13 2015 - 4th

NZ South Island Junior Open U11 2013 - runner-up

NZ Junior Open Div 4 2014 - 4th

NZ Junior Open Div 2 2015 - runner-up

Australian Junior Champs U13 2014 - 4th

Australian Junior Champs U15 2015 - runner-up

Oceania Junior Champs U13 2014 - 12th

Oceania Junior Champs U13 2015 - 4th

Dunlop Bash U13 2015 - runner-up

In 2015, I played again for the Australian Junior team in 2 test matches against New Zealand 12/13 April in Invercargill. I lost both matches 1-3 against very tough opponents.
These test matches took place during a 3-week tour of Australia and New Zealand, including the Australian Junior Open (4th in U13), the New Zealand Junior Open (2nd in Division 2) and the Oceania Junior Champs (4th in U13).
In July, I won U13 WA State Champs again, and also came 2nd in U15 to Jack Osborn.
In October, I played in the Australian Junior Champs, losing in U15 final to Jacob Ford.
My WA team came runners-up to Qld overall, with my U13 group (with Jack O and Abel Jin) coming runners-up in the boys group and also combined with the girls.
I was ranked at Australian no. 1 in U13 from May to September 2015.
I am now ranked at Australian no. 1 in U15 - since  1 November 2015.
I won my 4 matches in a timed-squash junior event at my local club Marmion, but lost by 1 point overall to Kane Holman.
I am winning all my pennants matches on Thursdays and so far all my in-house matches at Mirrabooka.
Next tournament is Oceania Junior Champs at Gold Coast in January 2016. I have also been selected to play at U15 in Australian Junior team in 2 Trans-Tasman tests immediately after Oceania JC.

I have enjoyed the training of several coaches throughout the 6 years that I have been playing.

I would like to thank Sunny Seth, Justin Beard, Geoff Davenport, David Ilich and especially Tim Cowell for their (continuing) help and advice.

(updated 8/11/15)