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I have started making my own films, with the help of my parents, Karen and Clive.

My first ‘own’ film is about a penniless boy who is taken in by a bad man, and made to do nasty things. He eventually rebels and takes his revenge – or does he?


I wrote, produced and directed the film – it lasts about 11 minutes.

Karen filmed (most of the shots) using a Panasonic DV camera.

Clive edited the film into a whole using AVS Video Editor.

Orphan Revenge is on YouTube.
We have just started editing this short film about a boy who loses his father in a sad accident.

The first takes were on the Panasonic but Dad’s now got a DSLR Pentax K-5 IIs so we’ll be making the whole film again on HD video.

We will upload it to YouTube when it’s finished.

I often have new ideas for films.

I just need time to make each one.

Watch this space!