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Helen O'Grady

I am now 11 years old, but my parents have allowed me to express myself as an actor since I was four.

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Pirate Joe (age 5)

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The Ants and the Grasshopper (age 6)

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3-year award after Paradesia (age 7)

I joined the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy in 2007 and have attended almost every class since then. I still appreciate and learn from my tutors, including Sharon and Jo (at Kingsley), and now at Kallaroo with Justin Lowson.

This academy gave me my first chance to appear on the stage, and I've now done 7 end-of-year shows:

Pirate Joe (2007)

The Ants And The Grasshopper (2008)

Paradesia (2009)

How The Lion Got Its Roar (2010)

Superhero School (2011)

La Fleur Rouge (2012)

Bold Buccaneers (2013).

On 14 December 2013, I was on stage at Peter Moyes School in Mindarie with my Upper Primary group from Kallaroo, probably for the last time. We performed a play called Bold Buccaneers, in which I played the lead role of the pirate captain. My Dad has put the video of the show on YouTube for you all to enjoy. He rates it as my best stage performance yet, but he could be quite biassed!

on stage
Action shot during the stage show


I am discontinuing my participation in the Academy for now, but I might consider rejoining again in the future if I miss my friends too much.

I would like to thank Justin Lowson for all he has taught me. I have been with HOGDA for 7 years. I am the youngest actor to have achieved this duration of continuous participation in the Academy.

me and justin
Me and Justin