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 Remi Young (actor)





In 2009, while only 6 years old, I was accepted as an early student into the Filmbites Youth Film School at Wangara, WA. It has since moved to Malaga.

Filmbites teaches us not only how to act for the screen, but also how to handle the equipment used for making top quality films with audio.

My instructors have so far been Hallie McKeig, Shanta-Maree Surendram, Hannah Hugessen, Jessica Hegarty, Zac Drieberg, Tay Kaka and Alicia 
Early Films

Description: Description: Description: D:\Data\Docs\Remi\website\Filmbites_files\2009_MysteryPortal_0001.jpg

Description: Description: Description: D:\Data\Docs\Remi\website\Filmbites_files\In The Sewer_2010 004_0001.jpg

In the Sewer

Description: Description: Description: D:\Data\Docs\Remi\website\Filmbites_files\2009_PennyPincher_0001.jpg

Penny Pincher


In 2012, my group made the following films:

Dark Boy Johnny Ė my own story


Monday Night Murder Mystery


(Iím only in the first scene.)


The Dos and Doníts of Dating

I play Jack, a small guy trying to date a very tall girl.

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I am still working on improving my acting skills at Filmbites in Malaga.

This semester (January - July 2013) my good friend Rebecca Paice, from the Neverborn music video, has joined my class.


I have participated in several acting workshops organised by Filmbites:

American Accent Workshop
Luzita Fereday, 2012
After this workshop, I made a short film of a monologue from Home Alone.

Screen Presenting Workshop
Christian Horgan, ABC, 2012

Audtion Workshop
Marie Rogers, JC Casting, 2010